Agile transformations 

More than just a buzz word, Agile is creating huge inroads in providing customers with the shortest route to the end result, and is the preferred methodology at Advance Thinking. The term is used to describe a flexible process of developing technology projects; one in which a client’s changing needs can be accommodated. Not only does it benefit the client, but agile practices facilitate innovation, visibility and collaboration; resulting in a better final outcome. We can help you get there!

Web development solutions

Drawing upon our extensive experience in delivering successful online projects, Advance Thinking provides well-considered solutions to fit your business needs. We’re not prescriptive about technology, instead we make recommendations on which technology and tools are the best fit for the unique requirements and circumstance of the project at hand. 

Project Management 

A Project Manager can have many roles and responsibilities in delivering a project (Agile is a good example where the traditional role has changed). However, fundamentally the concept doesn't change, a Project Manager's job is to take a group of people on a journey to deliver an outcome. Whether you are looking for Technical Project Managers or Business Project Managers (or even Program Managers and Directors), we have a team that will ensure a successful outcome is delivered through effective collaboration within the project team as well as great engagement and visibility with key stakeholders.

Business Analysis 

Good Business Analysts are hard to come by, the ability to take a complex idea and turn that into a simple concept and set of requirements is something that is part art and part science. Luckily this is where our team of Business Analysis excels, whether you are requiring analysis done at the conceptual level or the low level detail, we can help facilitate your key stakeholders/SMEs to ensure the right solution is defined. 

Solution Architecture

Designing and building an innovative solutions is only truely effective if it fits together in your overall eco-system. This is where architecture comes in, understanding how all the pieces integrate effectively to create an efficient system. Our architects provide a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that is combined with a pragmatic approach to ensure the right solution is designed.

Quality Analysis 

Designing and developing a fantastic product is useless if it's full of errors or it doesn't work the way you expected it too. Our team of Quality Analysts ensure the product you're putting in front of your customers is spot on. We are very strong in our test automation skills, which reduces the effort spent and improves the accuracy of our testing. 


There’s more to web design that meets the eye. Good web design balances both aesthetic and functional considerations. Our design team craft unique, highly-usable web design solutions, developed to resonate with your target audience.