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Browse top-tier IT job opportunities and elevate your tech career. Connect with Australia's leading companies through Advance Thinking.
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It's all About Getting the Right People in the Right Roles

At Advance Thinking, we take a personalised approach, crafting recruitment strategies tailored to your goals, culture and DNA. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions - we're all about precision and customisation.

  • Technical and management roles.
  • Project/Program/Portfolio management.
  • Resources to augment your existing permanent staff.
Expert recruiters in Melbourne identifying top-tier IT professionals.


Your team is one-of-a-kind and so are your recruitment needs!

Your team is unique, and so should be your recruitment strategies! At Advance Thinking, we celebrate this uniqueness by designing recruitment blueprints that perfectly mirror your aspirations, culture, and essence. No more one-size-fits-all approaches – we believe in the power of precision and personalisation. Forge the perfect culture cocktail that your team needs!


Get new team members that fit into your work culture

Discover exceptional candidates with unparalleled skills and untapped potential. We can help you tap those rare unicorns you need to help you power and reshape your business and lead you to unprecedented success.

Brisbane-based personalized IT recruitment strategies aligning with company goals.

Transform Your Team with Elite Agile Talent!

Don’t just find IT talent craft your dream team! We can help you source top-tier Agile professionals - from savvy Business Analysts and innovative Engineers to strategic Product Owners, dynamic Front-End Experts, expert Scrum Masters, and visionary Agile Coaches tailor-made for your unique business challenges and specific agile needs.

Tailored Talent Matching: Ensures each professional isn't just qualified, but a perfect fit for your project’s specific needs, leading to faster, more effective project executions.

Diverse Agile Roles: From analysis and development to management and coaching, access a complete spectrum of Agile professionals ready to jumpstart your projects.

Connect with us today, and start building a stronger, more agile team that can take on any challenge tomorrow brings.  

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Create the type of blended culture you need most

Experienced tech talent sourced for IT projects in Sydney.

Technical and Management Roles

When it comes to IT recruitment, there's no doubt that technical skills take center stage. You need candidates who not only have a firm grasp of the necessary software, coding languages, and platforms but also exhibit the ability to adapt to rapidly evolving technology trends. You're looking for someone who can hit the ground running and integrate seamlessly into your team. At Advance Thinking, we thoroughly vet every candidate for these key technical competencies to ensure they're well-equipped to tackle your most pressing IT challenges head-on.

Experienced tech talent sourced for IT projects in Sydney.

Project, Program, Portfolio Management

Cultural fit is an integral part of successful recruitment. It's not just about the candidate's ability to execute tasks; it's also about their potential to thrive within your unique work environment. You need someone who aligns with your organisation's values, complements your existing team dynamics, and contributes positively to your company culture. At Advance Thinking, we invest significant time in understanding your organisational culture to match you with candidates who will blend seamlessly into your team and help foster a harmonious and productive workspace.

Innovation in Melbourne driven by Advance Thinking's comprehensive IT talent network.

Resources To Augment Your Existing Permanent Staff

In the fast-paced world of IT, problem-solving is a must-have skill. You need a candidate who doesn't just understand the technical side of things, but also has the creativity and critical thinking abilities to solve complex problems efficiently. Someone who can think on their feet and proactively address challenges even before they escalate. At Advance Thinking, we recognise the importance of this trait and prioritise candidates with proven problem-solving abilities, ensuring they have what it takes to navigate the intricacies of your IT projects successfully

What our client partners think about what we do... 

Marcelo Menezes Head of Digital & Data Portfolio and Performance Bupa

I consider Advanced Thinking as my business partner, not a “body shop” type of recruiter. They take the time to understand what’s going on in our business so they can present me with high quality people who have the right “scars” that they can bring to the job - this means they have the right experience and know what it will take to be part of our transformation

Marcelo Menezes

Head of Digital & Data Portfolio and Performance



Marcelo Menezes Head of Digital & Data Portfolio and Performance Bupa

Relationships are so central to how I do business and the Advance Thinking team really takes the time to know me and know my business, which means they know what I need when I need it. It’s not a cookie cutter solution. Their boutique offering is a point of difference - it’s targeted and specific and it’s not a body shop. They stand by their consultants and they only bring in quality

Carole Linton

Head of Portfolio ChangeCXO and Corporate Transactions (M&A) AIA


Advance Thinking team in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane engaging in strategic IT delivery team recruitment planning.


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