staff augmentation

Organisations are facing a constant battle to confront new competitors that didn’t exist 3 years ago. This requires agile thinking, behaviour and people. Augmenting existing staff with high quality specialist resources from outside those organisations can have a significant impact in winning that battle. Whether you need a single person or a whole team Advance Thinking can help.


agile Training

The majority of corporate Australia have realised the need to adopt Agile Methodology. Some have done it in core departments and are expanding further, some are having their first crack at it, while others are planning the transition. Whatever stage you’re at, excellent, pragmatic training will be key to your organisation’s success. We’ve worked with companies such as ME Bank and REA Group. Let us help you too.



We're here to embed solutions that deliver outcomes for you. That ranges from guiding your strategy and approach, individual and team augmentation, to coaching & training your teams. For us, we don't come with only one hammer seeing nothing but nails, we're here to help you find the right tool for the right job, understanding that every job is different...

Some of the clients our team have worked with include these guys:

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